No job is too large or too small.

Full rewires, partial rewires or just adding an extra socket outlet.

Replacing a single light fitting, installing an external light or even more complex home automation lighting systems.


We are proud to be registered with the Competent Person Scheme Part P through NAPIT, this enables us to fully self certify the work undertaken and notify local building authority controls should the work require it.

Some of the work we undertake includes:

  • Full or partial rewires

  • Replace consumer units (fuse boxes)

  • Installation of additional circuits:

    • Lighting

    • Socket outlets

    • Gargage or shed supplies

    • Shower

    • Cooker/Oven

    • Smoke, heat & CO2 detection

    • Heating control

  • Inspection  & Testing

    • Fault diagnosis and repair:

    • Heating

    • Lighting & power

    • Showers.

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